Our Latest News and Updates – including Projects completed

Balgowlah Main and Garage Roof Waterproofed

The main roof and garage roof completed at Balgowlah. The job took much longer to complete due to the awful weather. It all came up really good. Big thanks to Universal Roofing & Accessories Pty Ltd for an efficient/friendly service and fast delivery as always. We also would like to thank Richard with Abate Plumbing for looking after the whole project.

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Balgowlah Roof Waterproofing

First Layer – We had to install some extra layers to build up low spots in the slab. Second Layer – Added a Bitumen Primer Third Layer – Added a Granule Layer Fourth Layer – Then added a Torch-on Membrane, painted with a solar refrective liquid waterproofing membrane. Clients wanted this, although it is old school and we have not done this way for some time. It came up really well.

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