“Are you troubled with cracks and joints in your building? Fret not; we’re here to provide the best joint sealing service.”


Whether it’s a residential building or a commercial property, cracks often show up in the concrete despite all the maintenance efforts. You can’t afford to ignore them once you notice because that would lead to hefty maintenance costs down the line. So, your best bet is to get along with our professionals who know how to seal these joints using supreme quality material. We arrange an extensive survey of the site beforehand so that any cracks and joints can be identified. Let’s dive into the possible causes of cracking before we hop onto the approach of our professional joint sealing services to keep your property shining and new.


What causes cracking?


Identifying the root cause of cracks is crucial when it comes to deciding on the right sealing method. Here are some of these causes listed for you.


✅Mechanical overload can develop cracks in a surface, and this load can be either static or dynamic.

✅Sudden temperature variation and thaw/freeze process can also lead to cracks.


✅Shrinkage cracks can show up during cure.


✅Cracks can also show up due to the inadequate load strength of concrete.


✅Various human design pitfalls can lead to cracks in the concrete surface.


Our approach for carrying out joint sealing

At Forest Waterproofing, we hire the most experienced individuals to provide our customers with different services at the most competitive rate. All that’s needed is contacting us, and our experts will ardently discuss every aspect with you. Once you’ve explained the requirements, we schedule a site visit, wherein we inspect the property and decide on the type of sealant required. While at it, we also look for other possible issues lurking on the surface so that we can factor these in while providing our services.

Based on the type of surface and condition of the cracks, we employ several methods like Polyurethane Self-Leveling Expansion Joint Sealant, Cold Joints, Route and Seal, Hot Pour Rubberized Crack Sealant, and many more. You also get a free quote once our professionals have carried out the inspection. Once the final price is decided after negotiation, our team reaches the property on the scheduled date of work.

Look no further when you’re in the market for the most reliable joint sealing services. Forest Waterproofing is your go-to service provider for all problems related to joint sealing and waterproofing.



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